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Private Coaching Launch Kit:

Turn your zone of genius ūü§ď into an irresistible 1:1 coaching offer that your dream clients are obsessed ūüėć with - and so are you!

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Private coaching is one of the best services you can offer in your business.

Great Cash Flow

Private coaching allows you to add in a higher ticket offer to your product suite that brings in great cash flow.

Work with clients 1:1 to bring in revenue while you work on creating more scalable offers like digital products, courses, or memberships.

Market Research

One of the best ways to learn about the needs of your ideal client... is to work with them directly.

Private coaching will teach you so much about your market so you can make informed decisions in your business and get paid at the same time!

Fulfilling Offer

1:1 coaching is one of the most valuable and transformative services you can offer... for both you AND your clients.

You'll feel a level of fulfillment unlike passive offers and see the transformation of your clients first hand!

Some coaches will tell you to focus *exclusively* on scalable and passive offers to make money online and grow your business...

While I'll show you exactly how 1:1 coaching can help you make more money faster than any of your scalable offers, take as much or as little time as you desire, and be a natural part of your client journey that creates clients who love paying you again and again.

One of the best parts about private coaching is that it can bring in high ticket sales while you work on building out your scalable offers and growing your community.

When I opened up 1:1 Private Mentorship spots in Summer 2023 I made $15k in cash in one month just from private coaching.

And when I opened up a handful of one-off Intensives 100% of my clients upgraded into other programs and brought in over $13k in additional revenue.

These high ticket sales allowed me to offer scalable courses and offers without the pressure of needing to make money fast.

When you know how to package and position your 1:1 coaching offers, your dream clients will be ready to work with you - and won't want to stop!

I'm ready!

The Private Coaching Launch Kit is the result of over 6 years of experience as a business coach.

In The Private Coaching Launch Kit, I've finally collected all of the strategies, tips, and tricks I've learned through trial and error over the past 6 years of offering private coaching.

My intention for The Private Coaching Launch Kit is that you have everything you need under one roof to help you start offering private coaching... and continue to improve your private coaching over years to come. 

PCLK is designed to be your go to resource for launching a new 1:1 offer, increasing your prices, improving your delivery, getting more testimonials, renewing clients, and so much more!

I'm an expert at simplifying business - and teaching you how to do the same!

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Private Coaching Launch Kit is for you if:

ūüĎČ You want¬†a roster of dream clients who work with you over and over again and love paying you.

ūüĎȬ†You want to¬†make more money now without¬†having to get thousands of new people into your audience.

ūüĎȬ†You¬†want to¬†know how to¬†package your private¬†coaching that makes selling feel easy and your dream clients¬†come to you ready to pay no questions asked.

ūüĎȬ†You¬†want to¬†know how to¬†deliver 1:1 coaching that has¬†clients giving you rave testimonials each and every time.

ūüĎȬ†You¬†want to work intimately with a select number of high-level clients that you love supporting and witness the impact you're having first hand.

I'm Megan and I've been offering private coaching for over 6 years.

Private coaching is one of the most valuable, fulfilling, and lucrative services you can offer in your business. 

When re-launching my business in May 2023, I made $15,000 in cash in the first month just from 1:1 coaching clients. 

And in Fall 2023, I offered a limited number of 1:1 intensives and turned a $555 offer into over $13,000 in additional sales from clients deciding to upgrade into other offers. 

Not only is private coaching highly profitable, but it is sustainable and adaptable to fit into whatever season of life and business you're in. 

That's why I've offered private coaching while full-time in business, on a sabbatical, after becoming a mom of two, and while pregnant with my third baby. 

Are you ready to offer private coaching in your business too? 

I'm Ready!

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