Rich Coach Club

Rich Coach Club is a 12-month program focused on helping you grow your private coaching business to six figures while working 15 hours per week!

We'll be keeping things simple and focused on low-lift and sustainable efforts to attract and convert your dream clients.

How it works:

  • RICH COACH CURRICULUM - Exclusive Access to the brand new Rich Coach Curriculum to guide you through implementing the entire Rich Coach Framework from start to finish. This curriculum will be released over May and June 2024.

  • HOT SEAT COACHING CALLS 2X MONTH - This is where you can get personalized support as you implement the Rich Coach Framework into your business and get valuable "aha!" moments just from listening to the conversations happening. Replays will be available in the portal and uploaded to the Rich Coach Club private podcast.

  • PERSONALIZED REVIEWS, CRITIQUES, AND AUDITS - Get my direct input on how to improve your offers, close more clients, save time, and more. Submit a question, plan, sales conversation, or piece of content for review and you’ll receive personalized feedback. All reviews are available in a shared database so you can learn from what others have submitted!

  • RICH COACH COMMUNITY - Join a private community of Rich Coach Club Members and build meaningful relationships, support each other in implementing the Rich Coach Framework, complete challenges, and collaborate with other coaches who are on the same journey as you!
  • REWARDS AND MILESTONES - Submit a form every time you book a client so we can track your progress and celebrate with you! Unlock exclusive rewards (like 1:1 support) as you hit meaningful milestones along your journey to $100k.

  • THE SCOOP PRIVATE PODCAST - Get access to the client-only private podcast where you get the inside scoop on my business, what's working, launch debriefs, and more!

  • ON DEMAND TRAINING VAULT - Get access to the On Demand Training Vault where you can go through past programs, masterclasses, and trainings. This includes Private Coaching Launch Kit, Nail Your Niche Masterclass, Next Level You, and more! 

  • BONUS: 1:1 COACHING OFFER WORKSHOP - Get access to an exclusive live workshop with other members to go over your 1:1 Coaching Offer with Megan. Join during this enrollment to get access to the 1:1 Coaching Offer Workshop!

This is for the person who wants to grow a profitable, simple, and sustainable private coaching business. 

Who wants to make an impact, working with dream clients, WITHOUT hustling, burning out, or feeling stressed out. 

The doors to Rich Coach Club will open publicly for only one week. The doors will not open again until Fall 2024.

Rich Coach Club is a 12-month commitment and no pauses, cancelations, or refunds will be given.

$2,500.00 USD

I agree for all programs, I am responsible for completing the total payment regardless if I leave the program early or do not complete it in the time frame of the program. There are no refunds.

I agree to comply with any community or program guidelines. I understand that if I break these guidelines I may be removed from the program.