No Mistakes

personal growth podcast weekly reset newsletter Feb 25, 2024
The Weekly Reset 4 is titled No Mistakes. Read time is 3 minutes.

Read time: 3 minutes


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Have you ever said to yourself:

"Why did I do that?!" 😩

You made a decision and it didn't turn out how you had hoped and you find yourself sitting there, full of regret, and feeling like you made a mistake.

Or maybe you're trying to make a decision right now but you're paralyzed with fear worrying that you're going to make the wrong choice.

If either of those resonate with you, that's totally normal... you're human after all!

But getting stuck in the feeling of regret - or even worrying about future regret - is a huge waste of your precious time and energy. 🗑️

And let's be honest:

Believing that you can make a mistake is keeping you from taking action and accomplishing your goals.

So if you're ready to stop worrying about mistakes and start taking the big bold action you really want to be taking then I have great news for you:

There's only ONE thing you have to do in order to stop making mistakes! 👀

And that is to...

Stop believing that you can even make a mistake in the first place.

Yeah. That's right.

Because if you're a good person who is doing your best to do good by yourself, your family, your clients, and your community and you're operating from a place of integrity... then you truly cannot make a mistake.

There are no mistakes - just lessons. 💯

Here's the truth:

Every single decision you make -> is the decision you NEED to make -> in order to learn the lesson that you need to learn -> in order to make the next decision.

Growth only happens from learning and then making better decisions based on what you've learned.

Once you can stop worrying about mistakes and start TRUSTING YOURSELF to make the best decision you can with what you know now (hellooo connecting with your intuition!! 👋) then you will begin to take faster action, gain more confidence, and ultimately hit your goals faster than someone who is stuck trying to make the perfect next decision.

So stop trying to do this whole life and business thing perfectly... because you'll never end up anywhere if you're stuck trying to make a single decision.

Start trusting yourself and start making decisions faster - with the full confidence that whatever happens is what needs to happen for you to ultimately fulfill your life's purpose.

So the next time your brain tries to tell you to worry about mistakes:

Step 1. Acknowledge that your brain is trying to protect you.

Step 2. Remind yourself consciously that you do not believe in mistakes because it is a waste of time and holds you back from your purpose.

Step 3. Identify what lessons can be learned and applied.

If its a past decision that your brain is telling you was a mistake: what can you learn and do differently?

If it is a future decision that you're worried will be a mistake: what is the worst case scenario if it doesn't turn out how you hope?

When you ask yourself that you will quickly see that you a resourceful problem-solver who will figure it out and ultimately keep moving.

So there's really no point in worrying.

Deciding not to believe in mistakes is not something you do once and never have to deal with again.

This will be a new belief and standard for your life that you have to actively hold yourself to and remind yourself of - but it gets easier with time as your confidence in yourself grows!

So go make that decision, let go of any regret lingering, and go take that big bold action you know you really want to go do. 🌶️

Cheering you on as always!

xo, Megan



Your 4R Prompts for the Week:

💭 Reflect on any decisions that you've been worrying about making or any past decisions that you've been feeling were a mistake. What were the lessons learned? What is the worst thing that can happen?

✌️ Release your need to control every single outcome and your need to be perfect.

Refresh your beliefs around making mistakes and consciously choose to believe that you can't make a mistake. Work through any resistance that pops up for you.

⚡️ Renew your priorities for this week knowing that you can't mess up. What big bold action will you take this week with the confidence that it is the right action for you to be taking?



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