87: 3 Keys to Grow Your Coaching Business

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3 Keys to Grow Your Coaching Business: Ditch the overwhelm and reduce your mental load by focusing on these 3 simple strategies.

Does this sound familiar:

You finally have some time to focus on your business and open up your laptop excited to make progress on your big goals… only to realize you have *no clue* where to start. 🙃

You run through your mental todo list of things you should be working on right now…

Maybe today’s the day you finally write that automated welcome email sequence you’ve been told you’re supposed to have?

But then you remember you should be posting Reels every day so you start scrolling looking for inspiration…

Then suddenly 15 minutes have passed and you realize you haven't done anything yet so you switch gears…

Maybe it’s time to finally promote that new 1:1 coaching package you want to book out?

But the sales page for it isn’t ready yet… and you can’t possibly promote your one-on-one coaching if you don’t have a professional looking website…

And then you look over and your 3 year old has wandered into your office when they’re supposed to be napping and asks for a snack…

And just like that - times up. 😩

Trying to run a business this way is exhausting.

And while I can’t sit here and magically give you more uninterrupted work time (if I could, I would!) I *can* help you use your limited time more intentionally.

Because how good would it feel to open up your laptop and know EXACTLY what to focus on?

Not because you’ve got some complicated project management system built out…

But because your business strategy is SO FREAKING SIMPLE that you don’t even have to think about it. 🤩

You know exactly who your dream client is and the result you help them get.

You know exactly what content to create (and where to share it!) to attract your dream clients.

You have a super simple and high-converting sales process for booking those dream clients in your private coaching.

And working with your dreamy clients is - well - a dream. You’re happy. And they’re getting results, so they’re happy.

This is 100% possible.

But *only* if you stop trying to be everything to everyone, stop trying to be everywhere all the time, and stop constantly looking to others for inspiration.

The key to simplifying your business this much is doing LESS. 💯

And getting really good at *that* stuff over time.


In fact, there are truly only 3 things you need to spend your time on to grow your online coaching business:

  1. Connect with your dream clients
  2. Convert your dream clients
  3. Coach your dream clients

Yes. It’s really that simple. 🙌


Let’s go ahead and break down the only 3 things you need to be focusing on to grow your coaching business:


1️⃣ Connecting with your dream clients

There are a MILLION things you could do to connect with your dream clients:

Podcast interviews, weekly YouTube videos, TikTok videos, Reels, Pinterest, blogging, email, Instagram posts, free communities, and so so so much more.

Every week there’s some new way to market and grow your community.

The good news is that for private coaching it can be REALLY REALLY simple.

I recommend that you do 4 things to regularly connect with your dream clients :

  1. Create content on one long form platform (Podcast)
  2. Create content on one short form platform (Instagram)
  3. Build your email list and start getting used to sending emails when you have a new offer or a new piece of content to share (but don't stress about having a standing weekly or monthly newsletter - keep it simple)
  4. Go where your dream clients already are (podcast interviews, answering questions in other communities, etc.)

So what platforms should you choose?

We all know that ANY platform can work but after 10+ years of creating content on all sorts of platforms, I've found without a doubt that for private coaching and high ticket clients, the most effective 2-pronged content strategy is to podcast and post on Instagram.

Clients tell me time and time again that they binged my podcast to see if I was the right coach for them. 🙌 Even when I don't post new episodes, my podcast is doing so much heavy lifting that by the time they message me about working together, they've already decided that I'm the coach for them.

And some of my 1:1 clients actually found me from a completely non-viral and low-reach Instagram Reel. 👀

Because when you create content that's for *your person* on the most leveraged platform, you don't need a big audience, huge reach, our mindblowing engagement to book your dream clients.


2️⃣ Converting your dream clients

You do not need to do sales calls to book private coaching clients. If you want to, go for it, but I find that 9 times out of 10 they are unnecessary if the rest of your sales process is intentionally set up and if your offer is designed and positioned well.

That's why I recommend you do 2 things to have a high-converting sales process:

  1. Have a very simple application meant to capture leads passively
  2. Sell your engaged leads directly in the direct messages or via email with personalized video responses

That's it.

If your sales process is too complicated and has too many steps, you are sabotaging your sales.

If someone has messaged you on Instagram asking about your 1:1 coaching, do *not* then send them to your application page to fill out an overly complicated application, to then wait to see if they get accepted, to then book a call, to then wait for you to send them a proposal after you call.


3️⃣ Coaching your dream clients

There are a ton of ways you can work with people privately and there are a lot of pros and cons to all of them.

But as a coach trying to hit $50k or $100k, your primary focus should be mastering ONE single coaching package that has ONE clear result for ONE specific person in mind.

Usually this can be a 12 week / 3 month package, with 1-2 calls per month, with asynchronous support in between.

This gets you towards your goal of accumulating monthly recurring revenue, refining and mastering your process as a coach, and getting your clients results consistently so that you can get testimonials and renew your clients into longer packages.

I love teaching my clients how to incorporate 1:1 Intensives and other 1:1 packages into their product suite or sales funnel once they're farther along, but when you're just starting out your fastest path to success is to keep it simple for you AND your dream clients by just having one coaching package that you book out.


So now it's time for you to decide:

👉 What are the 1-2 things you're committed to working on right now to refine how you connect, convert, and coach your dream clients?

Decide that. Ignore everything else. And shift into a state of refinement and mastery instead of recreating the wheel all the time.

When you do this it will not only accelerate your growth... but will dramatically reduce the mental load it takes to run a business! 🤗

Talk about a win-win. 🏆


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